Row 44 Scams with double billing

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Row44 is the worst internet service imaginable. I was on a flight and tried it -- fought it for three hours is more like it -- because Row44 kept disconnecting. It would barely load one page without disconnecting. So I would have to reconnect. And reconnect. Maybe it works best if you're actually seated in Row 44. But any other seat on the plane and you're out of luck.

Then, to cap it all off, I was double billed for this worthless service.That's right, Row44 double billed me. And for being a technology company their website is the worst. If you have a billing problem, there is no contact for that department. There's just the standard "" which apparently goes nowhere since you never receive a response from it. It should really be It's the same email Row44 uses for employment opportunities, client contacts, bah mitzvahs and clown parties, apparently. One email does it all! When you call you talk to one clueless girl who doesn't seem to know who is in charge of billing -- and when you do talk to the right person at Row44 -- nothing happens! As of today I was still double billed for the privilege of coneecting, and reconnecting a couple dozen times for the entire flight!

Do not use Row44. Just spend the flight looking at the junk in the SkyMall catalog.

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